What They Say About Him, His Work and His Workshop

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"There is a crying need for the sort of workshop that Mervin Block has the unique talent to lead."Walter Cronkite, CBS News

"Thanks again for a terrific show [in London] today. I thoroughly enjoyed it."Vin Ray, Deputy Head of Newsgathering, BBC

"Merv Block's skills were forged by tough Chicago newspaper editors, shaped by the networks and polished during his years as a teacher. In a field that demands instant excellence, he's a paragon."John Chancellor, NBC News

"Mervin Block is an old pro at television newswriting from whom anyone could learn a lot. I know. I have. His clinic, criticism and instruction offer the writer of news a wonderful opportunity for improvement."Charles Kuralt, CBS News

"Merv Block knows more about newswriting than almost anyone. He knows how to put words together so that the idea comes across clearly. Merv is both a skilled practitioner and an able diagnostician. He knows what medicine to prescribe for an ailing paragraph, what vitamins to recommend for an anemic sentence. I'm happy that he writes regularly for my CBS Sunday Night News. If he can make me look good, I figure he can make anyone look good."Charles Osgood, CBS News.

"If anyone knows anything about writing news stories in a way that a viewer immediately grasps their import, it's Mervin Block. I've worked with him and have benefited from his wisdom. Highly recommended." — Frank Reynolds, ABC News

"Your appearance here was a big hit and seems to have produced a lasting, positive impact."Bob Jordan, News Director, KCBS-TV (CBS O&O), Los Angeles

"I highly recommend your workshop. It improved the quality of our broadcasts considerably."Colleen Dudgeon, Assistant News Director, WBBM-TV (CBS O&O), Chicago

"...one of the most positive things that has happened for our writing staff....It was a resounding success."Randy Covington, News Director, KYW-TV (NBC), Philadelphia

"Thanks again for a day that will be beneficial for a lifetime."Bette Bon Fleur, President and Executive Producer, Ivanhoe Communications, Inc., Orlando, Fla.

"Merv Block's workshop garnered lots of compliments from our staff. It was a major asset for us."Mason Granger, News Director, WMC-TV (NBC), Memphis, Tenn.

"I found the workshop extremely helpful. There was an immediate improvement in our newscasts."Terry Bynum, News Director, WOI-TV (ABC), Ames, Iowa

"I noticed an improvement on the air the very next day. We all benefited."Michael St. Peter, News Director, WEBR-AM Newsradio (NPR), Buffalo, N.Y.

"Merv Block was able to get my newspeople thinking about how they write. His style is clever and entertaining."Phil Boyce, News Director, KIMN-AM, Denver, Colo.

"[Block] left behind a staff that had a better understanding of what is right in television newswriting, why it's right, and how stories can be improved by writing that's correct and concise."Ron Miller, News Director , WJAC-TV (NBC), Johnstown, Pa.

"We're still putting to use the ideas you so ably presented. You certainly helped us focus on some of our problems, and you gave us some terrific hands-on tips. So when we're marching up to collect the hardware [six first prizes and three second prizes in the nine categories at the l985 convention of the Pennsylvania A.P. Broadcasters Association], your hard work is represented, too."Paul Stueber, News Director, WNEP-TV (ABC), Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Pa.

"Yours was a wise and witty presentation [at the 1986 meeting of the Nebraska A.P. Broadcasters Assn.], and what you taught us will stay with us for a long time... I received many, many compliments on your workshop. Some said it was the best they'd seen."Dan Day, Correspondent, The A.P., Omaha, Neb.

"Thanks for a really super job. You had the audience in the palm of your hand from start to finish."Ted Griffin, Executive Vice President, Missouri Broadcasters Assn.

"Rave reviews. Your presentation was the high spot of the regional."Jeff Marks, News Director, WCSH-TV, Portland, Me., and RTNDA Regional Director

Also see: Workshop background and sample program

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